Artist’s Statement – Photography

Photography is no longer just a method of realistic documentation and portraiture, like it was when in the beginning. It has without a doubt, overcome the obstacles of being accepted as a true art form, and has firmly found it’s place in the world of artistic expression.

Lately, my goal in photography is creative artistic expression over of an accurate representation. (But, I am still open to straight photography and portraiture when I am inspired to do so.)

I like to use a point and shoot camera. Most photos are taken using the in – camera filters: Dynamic Monochromatic, Cross process, Toy Camera, the Low Quality and High Quality. I don’t do much post processing and if I do it’s nothing too crazy. Just small adjustments, or playing around with LOMO style effects.

Subjects and Techniques of Focus

  • Shadow and Light
  • Overexposing and Underexposing
  • Extreme or Weird Angles
  • Black and White
  • Color
  • Vertical Orientation
  • Close Ups of Trees and Nature
  • Close Ups of Stuff
  • Documenting People’s Stuff or Traces of Humans
  • Doors and Buildings
  • Including A Lot of Sky
  • LOMO or Abstract Style
  • Banal Everyday Subjects



I’m just enjoying breaking the rules and trying to capture something interesting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a perfectly exposed or perfectly composed photograph, I just want to capture something cool and in the unique way I experience the world.

On Going Documentary Series

Aside from my artistic expression focus, I am still working on an on-going project that I started in college. Documenting the banal and photographing places, and things that grab my attention around Nacogdoches.

Inspirational Artists for this series: Artists like William Eggleston and Robert Frank.