Art Critique

Are you an artist who needs someone with a fresh eye to give you open, honest, and objective feedback on your artwork?

As an artist, I know how hard critique can be to hear and apply even when we desperately want it. I like to take a kind and constructive approach, while also being sure to give you serious feedback. 

This approach will help you see what is working and what is not working about your project and equip you to continue working on it to bring your artwork closer to what you want it to be.

The Goals of my Critique

  • Helping you to grow creatively
  • I’ll be looking for your strengths as well as those weaker areas where you can improve this particular work and your art in general.
  • Helping you to overcome obstacles
  • Providing a fresh perspective
  • Providing inspiration from one artist to another.
  • Technical feedback on values, shading, proportion, composition, etc
  • Analysis of your message, mood, emotional content, symbols, etc

I will try to provide a variety of ideas and suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Remember, you don’t have to feel obligated to use these ideas in your work, but my off-the-wall imagination might just trigger an even better idea – the very thing you were looking for – to take your artwork to the next level.

Critique Options:


Quick Crit

Similar to a classroom or art gallery situation where people look at your work and give feedback based on their first impression. This is a good choice if you have 1-3 art pieces or a series that you’d like quick feedback on. After looking at your work, I’ll send my critique in an email, with short discussion to be sure you get the most from my feedback.



In-Depth Critique – $100/hr

Do you need a more thorough and meticulous critique? Or do you ever feel unsure what your artwork needs next? Maybe you have a lot of artwork that needs feedback. With this option you get as much one on one time with me as you need.




How to Send me your Artwork

Please No attachments. Send me a link to your blog, website, Instagram, etc.


Be sure to share any thoughts, questions, or concerns you have that you want me to know while critiquing your artwork.

Or, if you want to see if you’re getting your message across to your viewer, you can choose to let me look at it with no information.

I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your artistic goals.